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13 May
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I'm of Puerto-Rican descent. I was born & raised in Chicago, Illinois. My mom is from San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. And my dad (who passed away recently) was from Arecibo, Puerto-Rico. I love my family and the little friends that I have (little friends by choice...many people I have met have been fake...ya'll prob. know what I'm talking about...if not...ask!)I love Dolphins, Coffee & Music!! I am a BIG fan of Mariah Carey. I met her on Nov 3rd, 1999. She was awesome, beautiful & cool as hell! She gave me her autograph and dotted her name with a heart. She told me I was a 'cutie'. I have all of her albums/ some maxi-single, some singles, unreleased tracks, music videos, some interviews on VHS etc.
But I am currently single...looking for that someone special. I'm a very spiritual person. i believe in God so much! I believe that God will bring the 'right one' to me soon!
Well...What else can I say about myself...I'm just a Real, Cool person!