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Coffee--Wake me up!!!

ahhh---I worked out last night and felt so good...did some arm weights,push-ups, squats, lunges, etc., I worked out for a good 1/2 an hour. Just to tone up! It felt good. Took a shower and talked to my sis and brother in law a bit and went to bed....reading (like always) because I can't fall asleep immediately.
Here I am today at work (as usual), sippin' on my coffee, my brain feels like it's still asleep and I need a neck massage real bad. Well--Hopefully someone will give me one---(yeah right!).

It's my sis--Marisol's Birthday today!! Happy Birthday Marisol--Love Ya Babe--Best Wishes. I'm gonna go shopping on my lunch break to get her something. I'm thinking of this one cover she wanted for her cell phone and this bracelet but don't know we'll see.
I'm looking out the window here by my office...(I have an awesome panoramic view of the park across the street). It's nice outside today--sunny but a lil'cold wind. Well Enough of my babblin'.

Whomever is reading this--Thanks and God bless. ;)

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