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Just another day at work...

here at work...drinking some water and chewing on some 'WinterFresh' gum. I feel 'blessed' today. God is good all the time.
Just here at work and feel grateful for all the blessings and thankful that God always keeps me away from any negativity. My friend Oscar gave me a leather jacket that is so cool and very nice. I have gotten like so many compliments with that jacket--on how it looks awesome on me.

Well--Don't have much to say at the moment.
I ate some rice and some meat that my moms brought me from her house---heated it and ate that 'bad boy' up. I usually have my lunch break at 12:30 (a whole hour lunch) but I had to eat my food before that. I was starving since I try not to eat anything late at night. I have been working out and all. Gotta look good! ;)
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