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Dear LJ: Haven't written here for awhile...

...I will as often as I can. I'm just here at work on a cloudy, humid, rainy day.
I'm happy because yesterday my brother in law finally installed the a/c at home. Wooo! It was hot in that house. This year this summer is not playing here in Chicago!

J--hasn't called me since Sunday afternoon. He called me on Sunday while he was on the way to a store to get ice for a 'pool party' he was going to. I knew in the back of my mind--he would be trashed hours later. He told me he would call me later that afternoon--and he hasn't called me since. It's Tuesday and I miss him like crazy! It's too bad ge lives in Texas and me in Chicago! I called him at home and work and no answer. It's just not like him--to not call me.
All I can do is pray and pray for a sign--at least to know that he's okay! I sent him a 'Thinking of you' card through the mail today!

Well--I'm off...!

Bye LJ!!
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